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Leading Solution to Complex Care

People Matter

About Bexiam

Our vision is to be the leading solution to complex care. Through highly competent, engaged, and passionate employees, we address the needs of our clients.  Our mission is to apply our unique approach to opportunities that allow us to reduce fragmentation, capture synergies, and provide a better care experience to our clients.

Complex care

We specialize in supporting people with chronic conditions, like Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities, who require highly trained employees to carry out specific care plans in our clients' chosen settings.


We maneuver many funding challenges to support people who may sometimes present with multiple existing diagnoses and needs.

The opportunity

We are in the business of looking for opportunities to improve the ills in our industry, which include low employee engagement, high fragmentation, and slow technology implementation.



Too many companies are just idling by and waiting to be told (through regulation or dissatisfied stakeholders) what to do. We are not idling; we are not waiting.  We are doing what is right for our employees, clients, and our community; starting now.


We believe in our people (those we employ and those we serve), we believe in building great systems, and we believe in leveraging technology. The only constant is change and we want to be leading it.



Whether working with clients who suffer from significant behavior challenges that make it impossible to be a part of society or helping people manage complex health care needs, think Bexiam.


Whether it is helping a marginalized population to meaningfully integrate in their communities or providing access to medical supplies and / or equipment, think Bexiam.

The Name

Bexiam is a made up portmanteau of Latin words bene, vixit, and vitam, meaning a life well lived. We want to acknowledge that what brought us here will be the rallying cry for where we are going.

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